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Performance Triangle
Behaviors, thoughts, and feelings reciprocally interact to influence performance. Because feelings are often difficult to control, a major focus at TOPPS is to achieve optimum performance through cognitive and behavioral skill development.
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TOPPS uniquely addresses both mental health and sport performance, applying a systematic and multi-faceted approach to coaching.  Habits learned from the TOPPS program are immediately applicable in the most competitive and pressure-filled environments, equipping athletes and performers alike with a powerful set of mental performance skills to enhance technical and physical abilities. 

Anthony McClish

General Manager – NBA G League Ignite


Continuum of Optimization
Consistent with the tenants of optimization science, all cognitive and behavioral skills are somewhere along a continuum of optimization ranging from non-optimal to optimal. Therefore, professionals at TOPPS focus on determining and efficiently optimizing patterns of behavior and thoughts that have greatest impact on performance
Goal Domains

Athletes are trained  to recognize behaviors and thoughts that are consistent with optimal performance in the following goal domains, and they are subsequently challenged to optimize them.

  • Optimal Sport/Physical Health Performance  

Participation in sport/exercise, nutrition, fluids, sleep/rest.

  • Optimal Relationship Performance

Helping others, expressing gratitude, being a leader, acting with kindness, respecting others, and participating in social events.

  •  Optimal School/Work Performance

Homework, reading, studying, doing research.

  • Optimal Creativity/ Artistic Performance

Dance, choir, music, comedy, drawing, painting, computer programming, graphic design, and writing/poetry.

  • Optimal Mental strength & Stability/Mental Wellness Performance

Objective thinking (just the facts), positive perspective (thinking about what’s good about things), and flexible thinking (brainstorming the possibilities).

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