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Q: What is The Optimum Performance Program in Sports?

A: It is a mental skills training program for athletes that is focused on the optimization of thoughts and actions that are important to performance in sports and life in general.

Q: How effective is TOPPS?

A: Studies published in peer-reviewed journals have determined that elite and recreational adolescent and adult athletes who have received TOPPS have evidenced greater engagement, improvements in mental health, enhanced relationships with teammates, coaches, and family members, and fewer interference with sports performance up to 4 months follow-up. These improvements have occurred regardless of mental health symptom severity, gender, age, and ethnicity/race. TOPPS has been shown to enhance the performance of those who do not evidence mental health disorders, but when mental health symptoms are present, TOPPS has been shown to increase in its effectiveness.


Q: How can I get involved?

A: There are several ways to get involved. Click on the following options to learn more:

  1. Athletes interested in optimizing sports and life optimization.

  2. Learning to support at least one athlete in optimizing performance in sports and life in general as a parent.

  3. Learning to support at least one athlete in optimizing performance in sports and life in general as a coach.

  4. Learning to support at least one athlete in optimizing performance in sports and life in general as an owner/administrator of a sports league.

Q: What if I am not an athlete but still interested in optimizing my performance

A: Our TOPPS Optimizers have worked with non-athletes who evidence specialized skill sets in unique cultures (e.g., Cirque Du Soleil artists, lawyers, police officers).


Q: What are the costs associated with TOPPS?

A: Costs for training vary based on many factors, including the number of athletes, the expertise of athletes and expertise of optimizers providing training, method of providing TOPPS (e.g., Zoom group, individual in-person, duration of training).

For more information about fees please contact Kristin Brooks at Stand Tall Consulting, LLC., who is certified to provide TOPPS and independent of UNLV ( or 702-591-5655). Or for more information, please contact TOPPS developer Dr. Brad Donohue at 702-557-5111.

Q: How is TOPPS provided?

A: TOPPS is provided in up to twelve 50-minute performance meetings or 40–60-minute performance workshops with athletes and their supportive others (e.g., coaches, teammates, and/or family members). These meetings and workshops may occur over zoom or in person at The University of Las Vegas TOPPS center or training facilities of athletes.


Q: How does TOPPS benefit a community?

A: TOPPS cost-efficiently provides evidence-based mental healthcare for athletes and other performers within the community that is focused on optimization science. The TOPPS initiative also facilitates training and research opportunities for its citizens, including students.


Q: Who supported the development of TOPPS?

A: TOPPS was developed with significant funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas).


Q: How often do they meet? Are parents required to attend?              

A: Family members, including parents, coaches, and teammates, are encouraged to attend performance meetings and workshops based on athlete preferences and availability.

Q: Do you have to reside in Nevada?

A: No, there are qualified TOPPS optimizers (trainers) around the globe.

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