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Separate two teams: Each team has one template with just text and the other that are mixed with images and text.
Step 1: Designate an optimizer (teacher, coach, workshop optimizer). The optimizer is the person who call-out questions and announces them to the players.
Step 2: Hand out one card per player and chips. If any player runs out of chips, they can ask for more.
Step 3: Have each player mark off the "free space" on each card. This is their easiest chip placement as it is free and does not require a question to be called for them to cover it.
Step 4: Place all of the call-out questions in a bucket, hat, or bag and mix them up. The caller should select a question without looking.
Step 5: Have players mark the square with a chip when they hear a question that appears on their card that best fits as an answer choice.
Step 6: Players shout "BINGO!" when they get a full line (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal) or a full card. Up to you to make your fun rules!
Bingo 2.png
Bingo 3.png
  • Helping others uplifts kindness- RP

  • Research for more information-SWP

  • Swimming is a great sport-CAP

  • 8 hours of sleep-SPHP

  • Maintain a positive perspective-MHP

  • Exercise multiple days a week-SPHP

  • Study for class-SWP

  • Play an instrument-CAP

  • Read a good book–SWP

  • Poetry is peaceful-CAP

  • Social events build relationships-RP

  • Be kind to others-RP

  • Do mediation-MHP

  • Be involved in a sport- SPHP

  • Paint a picture-CAP

  • Take a dance class-CAP

  • Maintain a healthy diet-SPHP

  • Do homework on time-SWP

  • Show leadership in a group -RP

  • Go for a run-SPHP

  • Meditate to clear your mind-MHP

  • Take notes-SWP

  • Work well with others-RP

  • Alleviate your stress-MHP

  • Use diaphragmatic breathing -MHP

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