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The Optimum Performance Program in Sports (TOPPS) is an award-winning applied research and training program focused on developing, evaluating, and training performance optimization programs for athletes. The program incorporates support systems from teammates, coaches, and/or family members. Goal-achievement in both sports and overall mental health/wellness is conceptualized through optimal regulation of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that are consistent with a positive outlook and state of well-being.


Approaching mental wellness holistically, the optimization programs at TOPPS are developed to be applicable to all aspects and levels of life performance for athletes with specialized skill sets in unique cultures. Although the program is focused on athletes, it is applicable to artists, business professionals, first responders, and others interested in optimizing their performance. TOPPS has been successfully implemented in both recreational and elite populations, including world and national champions in sports, and professional artists.

"Everyone senses similarly, but Optimizers are trained to perceive senses with a positive perspective."
Bradley Donohue, Ph.D
"The TOPPS program combines an evidence-based approach with an easy-to-implement structure making it an ideal program for teams to integrate mental health and performance programming. The skills used provide an objective view of what matters to allow teams to understand how to evolve services to meet the needs of their specific population."
- Bryan Bernstein

Director of Performance Science

Cirque du Soleil

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