Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

"Working at Family Research and Services has been an invaluable experience for a number of reasons. First, I have been able to gain both clinical and research experience in areas that continue to stimulate my interests. These experiences have lead to a variety of wonderful opportunities including writing professional publications, presenting innovative research at regional and national conferences and working with underserved populations. One of the most rewarding experiences for me has been working with the children involved in our treatment program. Not only do I feel that I have been able to make a positive difference in their life, I also truly enjoy every moment spent with them. Their desire and enthusiasm to learn and demonstrate newly learned skills continues to amaze me."

Heather Hill

"Family Research and Services has been an excellent opportunity to further my education and experience in the field of psychology. Specifically, I have broadened my research skills involving outcome studies, literature reviews, and meta-analysis journals. I have also familiarized myself with specific behavior therapy interventions concerning child neglect and drug abuse. Throughout the next few years, I believe my work at the lab will serve as an initial step for graduate school and more importantly as a basis for my career path."

Diana Caldas

"When I joined the program I never would have guessed the experiences and opportunities I would have. I joined the lab at a time when Dr. Donohue was awarded an NIH grant for family therapy, so I was able to assist in the development of the therapy modules by editing them, and by eventually gaining clinical experience through counseling our first cases. I was exposed to brain-storming environments at the weekly meetings, learned how to take minutes, and was exposed to how graduate students function. I was allowed to participate in a DVD on collegiate binge drinking, was exposed to frequent guest speakers on a myriad of topics, and helped prepare posters at the WPA conference. I was also given the opportunity to research HIV and to work closely with an outstanding professor to see his research techniques personally and my reward fro this was publication and opportunities for lead authorship. Finally, I have been trusted to mentor new members of the program and I am charged with providing the leadership I was given as younger members carry the torch of this excellent institution."

John Fordham

"Through working with an energetic and dedicated team, Family Research and Services has prepared me to work with treatment teams in a positive and efficient manner to provide empirically based treatments. I have also learned skills that will be beneficial in organizing and maintaining a practice someday. Overall, my time at the FBT Lab has been a vital component of my professional and personal development."

Jennifer Karmely


"Family Research and Services has given me both research and clinical experience to prepare me for graduate school and a career in psychology. I have learned how to write professionally and have written all or parts of journal articles, poster presentations, protocol adherence checklists, manuals, consent forms and meeting minutes. I have also learned how to create a database, enter information into it, and make charts from this data. I have attended professional psychological meetings and conferences. The clinical experience I have gained from the program includes implementing enlistment phone calls with clients, filing out consent forms and assessment scales with clients and making follow-up phone calls. I have also received training in and have facilitated youth workshops. Family Research and Services has given me the support and knowledge that I need to prepare me for my future in psychology."

Suzanne Gorney

"Working with the program was a great experience for me. In the short time I spent here, I was able to become involved in many different projects. Dr. Donohue and the staff in the program really made me feel welcomed. I look forward to coming back."

Cameron Taylor Farlow

"While working at Family Research and Services,, I have been able to gain graduate level experience at an undergraduate level. I have participated in implementing FBT therapy to a number of families, I have had the opportunity to write encyclopedia entries, give formal presentations at psychological workshops, and participate in numerous training workshops so I may continue to enhance my clinical skills. I know that the knowledge and experience I have gained while working at the lab will be the impetus to my future success."

Ruwida Abdel-Al

"Being a member of the assessment team has been a wonderful experience and a great opportunity. I’ve learned how to interpret data, interact with clients on a clinical basis, and conduct basic assessment measures relevant to our study. The experience that I have attained while working at Family Research and Services has provided with me tools that I can take with me for my future career goals."

Christian Vincent

"I joined Family Research and Services because of my prior interaction with the commendable, and well accredited, Dr. Donohue and because I wanted to gain stronger administrative and research skills in the area of Psychology. My participation at the program has been a very productive and worthwhile experience. I have gained more knowledge on how to write manuscripts for publication and how to write grants, which in turn gave me better insight of various intervention implementations. And although it is sometimes hectic working on various projects at once, I learned that there really are no short cuts to any place worth going."

Kevin Karlak

"I joined Family Research and Services to enhance my knowledge and experience with research and also to have the opportunity to work with fellow peers that have the same interest as I do in the field of Psychology. As an undergraduate, I think that the experience here at the program will benefit me in the future with my career goals and aspirations. I have made a lot of new and helpful friends through working with the lab. I am truly glad that I've joined Family Research and Services and would recommend it to anyone interested in the Psychology field."

Kristi Ishikawa

"Family Research and Services has been a wonderful experience for me for several reasons. First,it has given me the opportunity to to work with, and learn from, some of the brightest students at UNLV. Also, the manner in which the program is setup and run allows each member the opportunity to grow and excel. Each individual member brings their own knowledge and expertise to the team, which affords everyone the chance to gain and learn from each other. Additionally, members attend workshops on SPSS, Professional Networking, graduate school admission, and other important subjects to help further their goals. Most importantly, it is a great environment where you can gain as much as you put in."

Scott Schapiro

"I enjoy the positive environment in which to share research ideas, work in a team with research assistants that have similar interests made doing research even more fun and rewarding. Excellent mentoring from the director, Dr. Donohue." 

Valerie Romero

"This is my first semester at Family Research and Services and so far I feel as though I am gaining valuable research experience. Being able to help others on their projects, attending workshops, and being surrounded by psychology students who are motivated and hardworking has been very helpful to me."

Dareece Duskin

"I love working in Family Research and Services.. Everyone is incredibly friendly and a spirit of camaraderie and cooperation inundates the program. I enjoy the variety of activities in which I can participate. Dr. Donohue allows, indeed encourages, everyone to develop their leadership skills. He offers us ample opportunity to gain valuable experience and to make contributions to some very worthwhile projects."

Rachel Simmons

"I joined Family Research and Services to better facilitate myself in the study of behavior. I felt the research and methodology offered at the lab would assist my understanding of behavior, as well as offer me the challenges and opportunities needed to pursue my desire for graduate studies."

Alex Furness

"I joined Family Research and Services because I wanted to do quality research - to research something meaningful that would enable me to have better opportunities to get into grad school. The FBT Lab is the perfect place to be surrounded by people who are interested in the same things I am and engage in interesting research. I am part of two different research teams and a committee. I have made many wonderful friends and learned many various aspects to psychology."

Krystal Letourneau

"Family Research and Services has been a great resource for me to apply my knowledge of psychology in a real world setting. I feel that it has given me an immense advantage in pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology."
John Candido"I joined Family Research and Services to enhance my research experience and work with peers who are interested in the same things as I am on a more interactive level. Although this is my first year in the program and the semester is still new, I feel that the lab has taught me how to turn to others when you need help. The teamwork involved with working at Family Research and Services is awesome and I've realized that you can learn so much from your peers."

Akele Monroy

"I joined Family Research and Services to gain valuable research experience to aid me in my future endeavors. Since I have joined the program, I have learned how to effectively research topics, and have learned a number of valuables skills such as what is involved in writing grants and treatment manuals. Other members of the lab are currently helping me with my departmental honors thesis, and having their input has greatly improved the overall product."

Christina Evola

"Family Research and Services has provided me opportunities that I would have never gotten, such as participating in treatment trainings and learning procedures for administering protocol. I also love the role playing!"

Gizelle Trejo

"Family Research and Services is a wonderful learning institution to gain knowledgable clinical and research experience. It is a positive environment to faciliate growth in the field of psychology and Dr. Donohue truly believes in his students. He encourages and provides extensive training for those intersted in FBT evidence-based therapy practice, technical research writing (i.e., encyclopdia entrys, protocol adherence checklists, conference poster presentations), and communication skills development, such as learning how to conduct a professional meeting/ presentation with peers, the community and/or other business professionals. The experience you attain at the lab is invaluable and will carry you into your next professional endeavor. I highly reccommend volunteering!"

Kathryn Vasaeli

"Family Research and Services has allowed me to get clinical experience implementing family behavior therapy as an undergraduate. I have also been able to develop quality assurance procedures which has given me the opportunity to gain an understanding of all aspects of the clinic. My experiences in the program have helped prepare me for graduate studies and has enhanced my professional skills."

Emi Olmeztoprak

"I moved from Kansas to join Family Research and Services in order to further my education and pursue my doctorate in clinical psychology. This move has proven to be the best decision I could have made for a number of reasons. The program provides many opportunities for personal growth as a therapist and as a person. These opportunities come from contact through clients and through the great staff of research assistants and administrators that work hard to help out when needed. Dr. Donohue works hard to provide opportunities to his students and his effort is greatly appreciated by anyone who comes to work at Family Research and Services."

Holly LaPota

"My experience at this lab has been transformative in every way. In addition to the massive amounts of training and education I've received at TOPPS in the education realm, I've been blessed with emotional support, incredibly wonderful friendships, and anxiety-relieving advice for my future plans. For student-athletes, graduate students, or undergraduates, an experience at TOPPS is one that will positively impact your life, forever."

Jamie Bichelman

"Being a research assistant in the FRS lab has been a fantastic experience for me. I've gotten experience in conducting quality assurance, data management and in recruitment. I have participated in many trainings like toxicology screenings that will beneficial for me in my career. I have also participated in workshops such as our "How to get into graduate school" workshop, which was very educational and helpful for what I want to do in my future. My mentors in this lab have even made it possible for me to conduct a study that I will be using for an undergraduate thesis! I would recommend this lab to anyone interested in furthering their education and getting ahead in their career."

Ashley O'Dowd