Dynamic Goals: Learning to focus on thoughts & actions consistent with performance optimization in relationships, sports/physical health, work/school, creativity, mental strength and stability.

Goal Inspiration: Gaining motivation for goals.

Motivational Delivery: Learning types of words/images that are most motivating, & motivational strategies.

Sport/Ethnic Cultural Enlightenment: Appreciating how aspects of culture (e.g., sport, ethnic) influence performance, and optimizing environments to use culture to optimize performance.

Environmental Control: Learning to manage environment to optimize performance in sports, and in life. 

Self-Control: Learning to identify non-optimal thoughts and behaviors, maintain focus, generate solutions; imagine optimum performance and rewards for efforts. 

Performance Timeline: Determining when and how to enhance factors that contribute to optimum performance in sport and life performance situations/events. 

Appreciation Exchange: Learning to give and accept appreciations to/from supportive others.

Positive Request: Learning to optimally settle disagreements and request things so people are more motivated to do what you want. 

Dream Job Development: Determining optimum career path & how to develop & prepare for a dream job.

Job-Getting Skills Training: Developing skills to achieve optimum employment for the present and in the future. 

Financial Management: Learning to decrease expenses and increase income now or in the future.

Performance Optimization Mapping – Involves combining motivation, focus, and perception strategies during the imagination of performance tasks prior to dreaming to provoke optimum performance during impactful sports and life situations.