Students &

Community Volunteer


Get on TOPP of your research experience!


Time Commitment:

  • Able to dedicate a minimum of 7 scheduled hours per week for two semesters

  • Able to attend 60 minute general lab meeting every week (day and time is announced every semester)


Background Requirements:

  • Freshman and Sophomore Undergraduates: GPA of 3.2

  • Junior and Senior Undergraduates: GPA of 3.4

  • Graduate Students: Accepted into a UNLV graduate program

  • Community Volunteers: Las Vegas citizen

If you meet these criteria and are interested in joining TOPP, please complete the application

Process of Getting into TOPP:

Your TOPP application will be approved (or not) within one week, and if approved, you will be scheduled for an interview. During the interview, we will examine your responses to a standardized evaluation form to evaluate your character and qualifications. 

If you are accepted into TOPP you will receive an email or telephone call within one week. During this contact you will be scheduled for our Program Orientation, and you will be provided instructions to complete the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI training). Then you will be assigned to a team based on available opportunities and your interests and qualifications. If you do not receive correspondence within the aforementioned time periods please contact the Membership Coordinator at or Dr. Donohue directly at If you are not accepted into TOPP, you will receive a letter encouraging you to apply in the future.