Components of Family Behavior Therapy

There are a number of Family Behavior Therapy (FBT) intervention options that may be implemented. Several interventions are implemented initially in treatment and are capable of handling variety contextual factors relevant to substance abuse (e.g., age of substance abuser, number of significant others in the home, presenting problem). These interventions include the development of Behavioral Goals, Treatment Planning, Stimulus Control, Urge/Self Control, I've Got a Great Family (positive exchange of reinforcers within the family) and Communication Skills Training. Other interventions are tailored to address behavior problems that may co-exist with some substance abusers, but not others. For instance, substance abusing parents who reside in low-income communities may derive benefits from the Assurance of Basic Necessities and Safety intervention, which attempts to regularly screen and prevent significant stressors, such as violence, bills, and eviction. Financial Management & Planning and Job Club assist in gaining desired employment, and Contingency Management assists in building motivation.

As with the implementation of any evidence-based mental health intervention, we highly recommend appropriate State licensure and sufficient training prior to using these protocols with others.