Comprehensive Pre, Post & Follow-Up Assessments

To examine the effects of treatment, several standardized assessment measures are administered pre-treatment, post-treatment, and sometimes up to 6-months after the termination of treatment. An initial screening assessment to determine program appropriateness lasts about 20 minutes, and is conducted over the telephone. The time to administer the comprehensive battery is highly relevant to the presenting concerns of the client, but generally lasts between 1.5 hours and 2.5 hours, which includes up to 15 minutes with an adult significant other. Questionnaires are usually read to clients due to unusually high rates of poor reading abilities. When the client has children, participants are queried to report information relevant to all children living in the home. However, when assessment measures are specific to 1 child, the client is instructed to complete the measure in regards to the most problematic child. When the client is queried about "family," in the measure, s/he respond in regards to all family members living in the home. After assessment measures are administered, their data is carefully recorded in a database, and the results are summarized for the therapist's review. The therapist utilizes results from the client satisfaction scales (measures aimed at assessing client satisfaction in various life and relationship domains) and the timeline follow-back (a standardized measure of drug use frequency) to assist the client in obtaining consumer generated goals for treatment.